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Jaisree Misra - Afterwards
John Grisham - The Last Juror
Dan Brown - Davinci code
Anurag Mathur - Inscrutable Americans
Samit Basu - The Simoqin Prophecies
Lela Seth - On Balance
Kapil Dev - Straight from the Heart
ShreePadre - Rain water Harvesting
Richard M Stallman - Free Society, Free Software
J.D. Mcclatchy - Vintage Book of Contemporary poetry
Robyn Davidson - Journeys
Parick Suskind - Perfume
Rainer Maria Rilke - Note books of Malte Laurids Brigge
George Perec - Life Ausers Manual
Isabel Allende - My Invented country
Alessandro Barrico - Silk
Bernhard Schlink - The Reader
J.M Coetzee - Youth
Upendra Kishore Roy
Choudhury - Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne
Rusking Bond - Rusty - Boy from the Hills


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