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Courses offered
Courses Offered
Diploma in Hoteliering and Catering technology
The duration of the course will be one year.The minimum qualification for admission to the courses will be pre-degree or plus two. The students can specialize their area of interest during the time of training at hotels according to their taste.
Subjects Include
Food and Beverage (service)[Theory & Practical]
Food and Beverage (production) [Theory & Practical]
Hotel house keeping
Hotel front office
English (Spoken & General)
Engineering and maintenance
Personality Development
Office Administration


Food & Beverages (service)
The Course intended to train the students for developing their skills and knowledge on food service and beverage service
Subjects Include
Hotel and food service industry
Qualities of food and beverage personnel
Service Equipments
Wine service procedures
Hotel Technologies [French-English]
Table Laying, Napkin foldings.
French classical services
Restaurant management


Food Production
The Course will enable students to create ability to master various methods & skills in the preparation of Indian, Continental and Chinese dishes.
Subjects Include
Cooking Methods
Preparation of ingredients
Objectives of cooking
Menu Planning
Kitchen Organization
Kitchen equipments and it's uses.


House Keeping
Students will gain knowledge and skill in selection and correct usage of techniques, tools, cleaning and polishing of various surfaces like wood, glass, floorings etc, handling of linen, bed making, sanitation techniques, hygienic conditions etc.
Subjects Include
Duties and responsibilities of the staff
Organization of housekeeping department
Hotel house-keeping
Practicals [bed making, handling of linen and different equipment]


Front Office
The front office in a hotel is the department responsible for the sale of hotel rooms. It is the place where the first and the last point of contact of every guest. The person should be smart enough to handle guests, as it is the first meeting place of the guest.
Subjects Include
Classification of hotels
Organization of large hotels
Job description of each staff
Reception, Reservation, Information
Handling telephone.
Procedures during emergencies


Toursim in God's Own Country
Kerala is becoming the most wanted place in the world of tourism. Now-a-days tourism has great importance in the business growth of Kerala.
Subjects Include
Hospitality industry and tourism
Tourist places in India and Kerala
Job opportunities in tourism Field
Characteristics of tourism


Communicative English
English is very essential in Hotel and other hospitality industry. So the institution gives special attention for the development of communication skills in english.
Subjects Include
Basic English Grammar.
Writing skills
Use of English in Hotel and hospitality industry
Public speaking classes.


Now-a-days all the organization are getting computerized day by day. The basic knowledge of 'Computer' is very much essential. The institution will arrange a special instructor to give basic knowledge about the computer.
Subjects Include
Basic computer knowledge and computer application in the hospitality industry.


Certificate in Professional Cookery
Cooking is an art and skill by it's own. This course helps you to bring out your interest in the culinary area.
Subjects Include
Bakery & Confectionary
Food Presentation
Ice Carving
Vegetable Carving
Basic Knowledge of Food & Beverage (Service)


Duration of the course will be one year.* Out of 1 year, 8 months theory along with lab practical and 4 months training in various hospitality outlets.
Qualification: SSLC Passed.
Uniform: Chef Coat. Chef cap and apron, Chef scarf.

* Till 2002-2002 , duration of this course was 6 months.


Certificate Course in Bakery & Confectionary
Baking is a unique part of cookery, where by the students who have mastered this art can bring out various delicacies in the form of pastries, gateaux, breads, cookies, pizzas, burgers etc. A professional baker is indeed a valuable asset for the hotel, fastfoods, cake shops etc.
Confectionary usually referred as 'sugar' cookery is one of the most interesting areas of culinary field. Preparation varies Indian sweets and other forms of deserts like candies, toffee, mousse, soufflé etc. are dealt in this course.
Duration:3 months
Qualification:SSLC Completed.


Certificate course in Restaurant & Counter service
The main focus of this course is to impart the basic knowledge and skills for the students in food & beverage service department. And also it provides the students an awareness that it is not an end itself but it is a part of business technique in hotel & catering operations. This course is an attempt to explore both theoretical as well as practical knowledge regarding the catering operations.

The efficient management of the food & beverage service department on the students who acquire and assimilate its two-fold emphasis. Firstly the basic knowledge of the catering operations, and secondly the development of skills needed for the efficient administration of the food and beverages department.

As a whole the course is to unfold the new scenario of hotel industry and the trends which gives more job opportunities. Nowadays the demand for highly and skilled 'service personnel' are increasing. It provides you not only a job but also a great future.
Duration:6 months
Qualification:SSLC Completed.
Uniform: As of diploma in hotel management & catering technology.


Benefits of the Course
After completing this course you will able to:
Work in India with multinational companies, government organizations, hospitality industries, pharmaceutical companies etc.
Development skill in marketing techniques that suit both hospitality industry and other marketing segments.
Start your own business.
Personality development with sound interpersonal skills and problems solving skills.
An easy career change.



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