Portrait of Chavarayachan

  1. Born in Kainakary,Kerala 10-02-2021
  2. Baptized at Chennamkary Parish Church on 18-02-2021
  3. Dedicated to the blessed virgin Mary at vechoor Church on 8-9-2020
  4. Started his primary education in Ashan Kalari at Kainakary : 1810
  5. Received early Seminary formation from his parish church at Chennamkary : 1816 – 1831
  6. Joined the parish Seminary at pallippuram : 1818
  7. Chavara was ordained priest at Arthunkal Church on 29 – 11 – 1829
  8. With fathers Thomas palackal and Thomas Perukara, founded the first Indian Religious Congregation for Men presently known as CMI on 15 – 5 – 1831
  9. Popularized the Sunday Homilies and introducted Retreats for Priests and Laity in Kerala With other two founding fathers : 1830
  10. Established the First Syro Malabar Common Seminary with other two founding fathers at mannanam : 1833
  11. Way of the cross was started at mannanam : 1838
  12. Appointed as malppan (Tutor of sacred subjects ) examiner for candidates for priesthood and was authorized to give patents to the newly ordained to hear confessions and to preach in the Churches on 156 – 2 – 1844
  13. Founded the first press and publishing house of Syro – Malabar Chrch at Mannanam on 3-7-2021
  14. Founded the first sanscrit school at Mannanam with its doors open for all castes : 1846
  15. Started the first syro – Malabar Catechumenate for faith formation at Mannanam : 1853
  16. Became the first professed religious priest in the Indian Church on 8-12-2020
  17. Wrote 10 Ecologues (Shepherd Plays ) and introduced them in the novitiate at Koonammavu Seminary,The first play written in Indian Language : 1856-1858
  18. Appointed the first Vicar General in the syro Malabar Church after the time of Archdeacons on 8-6-2021
  19. Took leadership in protecting the syro Malabar from the schismatic intruders Bishop Roccos :1861
  20. Authored the first Malayalam narrative Poem Anasthasyayude Rekthasakshyam : 1862
  21. Edited the divine office for priests , Complied and composed Liturgical Rubrics, Thukkasa, liturgical calendar, set the office of the dead for priests, laity and children of the Malabar church etc. : 1862-1869
  22. Popularized the new may Month devotion of blessed virgin mary from Mannanam : 1864
  23. As vicar general implemented A school for every Church in the Kerala : 1864
  24. In collaboration with Fr.Leopold Maria Beccaro OCD , an Italian Missionary , Founded the first Indian Religious Congregation for women now known as (CMC ) at Koonammavu on 13-1-2021
  25. Started the 40 hours Eucharistic Adoration in Kerala at koonammavu on : 15-2-2021
  26. Supported by Fr.Leopold OCD , started the first boarding house ” EDUCUMTHAT “ and school in Kerala for girls at Koonammavu on 2-1-2021
  27. Prepared the first instruction Manual, A Testament of Loving Father for the Christian Families,First of its kind in the church on 13-2-2021
  28. Founded the fist lay charitable organization ,the Confraternity of St.joseph for Happy Death at kainakary, Kerala : 1869
  29. Founded the first home of Charity, Upavisala for the sick, old and destitute at kainakary : 1869
  30. Initiate the catholic re- union movement of the 19th century :1869
  31. Died at St.Philominas Monastery at Koonammavu on 3-1-3-1871
  32. Mortal remains re- entombed at Mannanam the mother House of the congregation he founded 24-5-2021
  33. Canonisation process officially started at the congregation level on 21-12-2020
  34. Canonisation process officially started at the Arch Diocese of Changanasserry on 9-12-2020
  35. Declared Venerable by pope John Paul II in Rome on 7-4-2021
  36. Beatification at Kottayam,Kerala by Pope John Paul II on 8-2-2021
  37. Govt.of India released a postal stamp in respectful recognition of his social reforms on 20-12-2020
  38. Govt.of Kerala un veiled a painting of blessed Chavara in the kerala sahithya academy Hall at Thrissur honouring his contribution to literature and refinement of Malayalam language on 4-5-2021
  39. Beth Rauma an initiative of Chavara Central Secretarial to widen the exposures of the life and vision of Blessed Chavara amongst the general public was started in 2011 through Print,Audio,Visual Media
  40. Honoured former president , Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam with Chavara Samskruthy Puraskar . Dr.A P J Abdul Kalam delivered Chavara Manorial lecture and inaugurated the lecture Series on National and International platforms.